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A place for my in-development ideas and projects!

I am constantly watching, reading, or otherwise learning more about XR development and design. This page is a rolling culmination of my efforts.

VR Electric Field Simulation

In physics, electric fields are typically introduced in a 2 dimensional way. With this simulation, control over charges and visualization of the field vectors are in 3 dimensions!

Physics based VR instruments

A set of Unity scripts that allow you to fine tune physics based buttons to play audio clips! 

On the Road

A scene that I made as I grapple with level design and composition.

VFX Graph Orb

Using VFX graph, this orb is something I'm going to use as a power up in a hobby game project!

Galton Board Simulation

A simple physics-based Unity Project connecting UI elements to different user defined parameters. Done as an exercise, but it replicates a cool physical phenomenon!


Made in Unity using the built in particle system, Adobe Photoshop for textures, and simple Shader Graphs.

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