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often enough, in the beaus of prose

We Are


These thoughts belong to someone

Who understands that description is meaningless to the frailty of man

We are not knots.

We are not cogs.

We are gods.

We are the lumberjack.

We are the numbers that describe the logs.



Obscurity to abstinence

Overcome the demons widening your eyes and

laugh at them.

Their weakness is your happiness

It is cleverly disguised

O, misguided light, distorted and dispersed

You knew it from the very first

Reckoning to find your worth


Question why it’s happening

The causes will be clear to you in time

You will find these things about which you seem so passionate

Are things that you will never find


O, misguided light, reflected and refracted

These mirrors are your masters, just

Break the chains to find your worth


These forces are reactive

Feel them pushing on your being

Let up for just a second and you’re back again

To this crooked way of feeling


O, misguided light, scattered and deflected

No longer find success within

This body, you will find your worth


Conclusions never right within your grasp

You can always touch the clouds

The breaths you take, your very last

Will keep you on the ground


O, misguided light, so frequent and oscillatory

I will change your phase

O, I will shift

Until I find your worth

Operational Goals


I’ve been laughing my entire life

Existence makes me smile

For reasons unavailably descriptive

But I’ll try, to let you glimpse into my mind

It’s a nightmare, but I love to be scared

I love to be aware


That all the things I see, the people that I love

Could be taken in an instant, if that is my luck

So I will cherish the moments that have made me myself,

A diamond in the rough, consistently tough


I am a state that needs to go through a change

Operate on me, take what I have and spit something back out

I need to expunge my range, outside of domain


I’ve been learning my entire life

And although it take a while, just

Know these veils will be lifted

In time, in a world full of crime

It’s a nightmare, but I love to be scared

I love to be aware


That the things I need, I have more than enough

Could be taken in an instant, if that is my luck

So let’s cherish the food that we eat,

The water that we drink,

And the people that we meet

Hold on to the thoughts that we think


We are in a state that needs to go through a change

Operate on us, take what we have and spit something back out.

We need to expand our range, outside of domain


At the end of your entire life, I just hope that you’ll smile

For reasons unavailably descriptive

I might’ve enjoyed all of my time

It was a nightmare,

My entire life,

Right there

I love to be aware


That all the skills that I’ve honed, 

sins I’ve atoned, 

my long term goals

They were all my own

And I’ll remember my life as an instant in time, 

looking back into the distance


I am still an infant.




My fellow photons, coalesce

Let us scatter in all directions.


Clearly, we are a mess.


We are fast.. yes,

but not all of us are aware

of that fact, yet.

We move, by the billions.

And off each other, as with many things

We deflect.


A straight path is the fastest but 

by far the most tedious.

We are grateful for the difficulty.


It is my intention to get you to believe that you should think.

With consciousness, we are blessed
to think.
What a mess in which we've found ourselves, but if you look hard enough
it's a mesh.
An aggressive-passive massive glass of flesh that all connects.
We all look up at the same stars, living under the same sun,
with a major case of data-based labor placed fun.

But I'm getting ahead of myself

I work at a college
I teach historical ways of reasoning based on logic
Education is at the forefront of my mind
and I advocate for science and the arts to be combined

I believe humanity is still an infant,
which is why I would reconcile diametric styles in an instant.
An explanation without a reason is wildly insufficient,
an action with no explanation is simply based in old traditions
but we embrace the reminiscence,

After all...

Who doesn't love to think about the golden days?

The past was the future at one point,
but presently represent the olden ways.
I feel a responsibility to make amends for the transgressions of the past before I am old and grey
So I'm looking for that mark of greatness
in those who are wide awake
who can relate this massive,
messy, mesh
to create emboldened change

So let's talk about art!
For me, it's an expression of one's truest self - the heart.
It's an honest comment on reality.
There's no one way it has to be!
You can express when you're depressed,
or you can do it happily!
You could take your time and think about it..
Or you can stroke that canvas rapidly!
Sometimes it takes all of your focus,
and sometimes you do it distractingly.
Sometimes you need to set aside some time,
or it could take you over automatically

Who can relate?


So what if I told you.. that that is how science, technology, and math could be?

Every equation captivating,
activating the weaves of nature's tapestry
instilling awe in her greatest majesties
and all her dangerous tragedies.

But we could keep it lighthearted!
How similar they are, a scientist and an artist
How helpful an acoustic engineer is to a guitarist
How highly both the Mona Lisa and quantum mechanics are regarded!


It can be like this,
a race based on creativity and the progression of ability.
But in our absent-mindness, we've induced blindness.
Industry has destroyed the curiosity that came naturally
and we have been shaped in that likeness.

It's a fallacy.

So let me introduce a strategy.

Let me introduce a way to utilize your mental faculties
and euthanize these social maladies.

It's a two word suggestion, from which everything else will stem

"Ask questions."

and you will find the means to your ends.

The age old adage that "knowledge is power" challenges
the powerful people in charge of managing, who are damaging this world. Almost to the point of no return.

But they too will become the past
They too will just be another part of the mesh,
and from that mesh
we will learn,
we will think,
and we will achieve.

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