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Don is an evaluator, designer, and developer of extended reality (XR) and immersive experiences in STEM. He has completed formal training in XR development, human factors/psychology, and physical sciences and has done work with several XR R&D labs at ASU and NASA.

Don currently works for Blue Origin as an XR Software Tools Engineer, supporting the creation of engines, rockets, space stations, and more!

xr projects

IN | World
XRTerra/Educators in VR
Role: Team Lead / Developer

Don worked as the team lead for the development of this world building application. He developed controllers for spawning and UI, provided guidance on the audio and design work, and presented the final prototype to Educators in VR.

Mixed Reality Exploration Toolkit
NASA-Goddard AR/VR R&D Lab
Role: VR/AR Developer Intern

Don created various shaders to visually indicate the status of parts based on various data sources such as live telemetry or structural analysis software. He showcased uses of the Mixed Reality Exploration Toolkit (MRET) for scientists and engineers on the Roman Space Telescope mission.

Dreamscape Learn
Dreamscape Immersive/ASU
Role: Movement Data Researcher

Don created algorithms to process user movement data in "The Alien Zoo", a full virtual world with rigged VR avatars designed to facilitate biology education. The insights of these algorithms help to shape future experience design and development within the Dreamscape VR framework.

Planetary VISOR

Role: UI/UX Team Lead

Don led a team of designers and developers to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing user interface for a VR planetary data visualization tool that combined topological and spectrographic data.

Embodied Games Lab
Role: Researcher/Designer

An augmented reality tool for visualizing magnetic field lines in real time through mobile phone sensors. Don helps to run experiments on usability and learning outcomes and provides input on its use in educational settings.

non-xr projects

Covid Campus Simulation
Embodied Games Lab

Role: World Developer

Don curated and placed 3D/2D assets to create a world for this public health simulation and provided game and experimental design guidance from conception to delivery. 

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